U.O.C Pool Society: Freelance

After finishing my time at university and in the pool society, i was approached by the current captain asking for help designing promotional material for their freshers fair. For this years promotion they wanted to have a new logo that would separate them from the other societies and become a more recognisable society within the university.

Below are examples of my designs that were used for the freshers fair this year: logo

Flyer Design alteration

Flyer Design

Poster Concept1 alteration

Poster Design


John Smith’s Compeition: Design Published!

In an earlier post, I mentioned that John Smiths were in talks to publish my design along with the winners and I am happy to announce that they have!

My design is now being sold in John Smith’s stores across the UK. This news was of course great to hear considering how many other designs had entered this competition and mine had gone so far.



End of year Exhibition {UN}LUCKY

On Thursday June 20th our end of year exhibition had began. Before guests started to arrive, we began by having a group photo shoot directed by Kevin Furlong to commemorate the big night.  With everyone unaware of what to expect on the night, the photo shoot was enjoyable to loosen us up and get us all in a good frame of mind.

Degree Show 2013 Group Photos-293

The night was a big success, a large turnout of guests to see all of our work and offer encouragement to our futures. I was amazed and happy to hear such pleasant remarks about my work displayed, especially from past lecturers who I hadn’t seen in over 12 months.

Degree Show 2013 Group Photos-415

Degree Show 2013 Room 057-119

My Final movie poster designs, up and ready for display on the final show.

Degree Show 2013 Room 057-242

To see more works from the final show, the virtual tour of the exhibition can be found here: http://ilogic.co.uk/360/chester_uni_2013/virtualtour.html

Research Methods: Dandy Goes Digital

With the deadline finished and over as promised I said I would upload the final animation for my design.

The process took longer than i intended but it was worth it for getting such good feedback from people.

Research Methods: Dandy goes digital

After Dandy-ing the app logos, i started working on a simple background where the logos would be in front of.
I thought it would be a good idea to make a collage of Dandy covers all scattered from different years.

When i told other people about this idea, they said it would be good to see something of the comics involved in the design. So with that in mind i started working on the background and it started to look really good. I was looking forward to start working on the animation since the background was finished and ready to go.

Dandy animation 2

After the success on the background design, i started thinking on how to make the animation, i thought it would be good to use a swipe technique to bring in each logo and have the animation looped again and again.

before starting my animation i started working on the tagline to use at the end of the animation. I wanted it to be in the same dandy theme and blend in well.

From researching the comics well, the main character that stood out for the brand is desperate dan, so i thought  of including the word ‘desperate’ in the tagline. It felt cheesy but it worked. After a bit of thought i had the chosen tagline i started working on: “are you desperate to download it?” since this worked on so many levels to approach people, i started making the design and working on the animation.

Research Methods: Dandy Goes Digital

Here i have started finishing the bus stop mock up and finishing the poster designs to be placed on them.
Overall they have turned out well and i am happy to be finished with the brief and also sad at the fact that uni is soon coming to an end.





Research Methods: Dandy Goes digital

Since i decided not to upload the animation just yet, i started working on the mock ups of how it would look introduced to the public.

billboard1 billboard2 billboard3 billboard4


The mock up designs worked well and showed them in a good way of how it would work, the next step was to show this design on a bus stop and change the design a bit.

Research Methods: Dandy Goes digital

I had finished my animation, i took a lot of time to do so because of other modules going on but it was finished. The swipe design had worked perfectly and i had received good feedback for where it would be placed. 

Unfotunately i cant post online just yet since i havent submitted yet and wouldn’t want it to be used by other people just yet, i will post as soon as the deadline approaches though

Competition Brief: John Smith’s Bookshop

Today was the day i went in to pick up my cheque for the competition brief.
It was a bit exciting to say the least since i had no idea what was going to be said about my design.

Upon my arrival the staff were waiting for me with an A3 copy of my design with the cheque and took a picture of me. After having a chat about the competition they told me they were in talks of selling my design along side the winners. I was a bit overwhelmed since i thought my design wouldn’t be used.


They all told me that they would’ve preferred my design to win, however they want to see if they can sell it in their shop and others. I was happy to hear the news that my work would be shown in the shops and that they were pleased with my design overall.

Research Methods: Poster Design

From the successful turnout of my first four designs, i was more than confident with my the way i was working. So with this in mind i approached the final 3 designs like the others and tried to capture them all in a simple way that would get the audiences attention.

Here are my final three designs for Judge Dredd, The Karate Kid and Highlander;



With the posters now finished, i was happy that they had turned out so well. Although each poster took up a lot of time and effort, the end result was more than worth it. The next step is to start working on how these posters will effect people through social media. I plan on making visuals to show through my rationale of how this will  work.


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