Research Methods: Poster Design

Through my research into rebooted films, i began looking into the originals and what made them so popular. As each original film had its own unique style such as 1990s total recall had classic scenes like the three breasted martian or the comedic ‘two weeks’ scene. Today these things stay with us and remind us of how much we enjoyed them. This is the kind of design I want to create; designs that take you back and remind you of why you enjoyed them so much.

To begin my poster designs i started looking into promotional material for each of the films i had listed in my previous entry.
Closely looking into each film to gain inspiration on how to approach them. With this in mind, i began to pick out favourite scenes from each film and developing an layout from there.

From Superman, i saw it as the helicopter scene in which the character is first revealed flying through the air. I thought it would be good to create a poster piece on the character soaring through the sky in a simplistic style.vlcsnap-00019

From the karate kid, i had to be the famous crane kick to build suspense at the end of the fight. From research, most fan made designs were of the beach scene in which he balances on a post, but i thought that this fight scene would be a better recreation.

From highlander it had to be the final sword fight scene in the large open space. The way this was filmed made the characters look like silhouettes and had bright lights from the windows, this i want to recreate and recapture.

For Robocop i thought to use the firing range scene where the character is first revealed in a dramatic way.

For batman i always thought the ending scene with the bat signal was so dramatic and and powerful, so i want to portray that in my design to promote this film.

For Total Recall i wanted to work on the alien hand and incorporate it within the film because although it is obvious to people who have seen the film, but it is also a mystery to those who havent.

For judge dredd it was difficult to pick one scene to use in the design so i picked two that i liked best. One scene i thought that stood out well was where the judges see out the chief justice.

And the second scene i wanted to use was the final scene with judge dredd on his bike looking over mega city.

The next step is to develop these scenes out into ideas to be used in posters and make them simplistic so that they are still engaging.


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