Quotes: a visual take on the words of others

To raise money for our final exhibition, our design group are banding together and designing a poster exhibition to sell and raise money.
The theme for this exhibition i was interested in straight away, was ‘quotes’. Since i watch a lot of TV and Film i tend to quote things as a habit. So immediately i wanted to make a poster for this.

Quotes Exhibition

The problem was thinking of a suitable quote that could be designed well. At first all i could think of was quotes i really wanted to do such as, “why so serious?” from the dark knight, but i found myself sceptical on how it would look.

It was up until this point when i started thinking some of my favourite films like Terminator 2, Fight club and Rocky and then it hit me and i knew what i was going to do. The Shawshank Redemption.

For many years i have loved this film, there is nothing i hate about it, from the music to the cast it is a perfect case of cinema. Therefore i wanted to design a piece that would show how good this film is.
Rather than just using a quote, i also wanted to design a set for where it would be placed, so a prison cell would be the ideal place. And what better way to show the quote than have it carved into a wall with a rock hammer?
Of course i want to design this piece in the sense that not everyone has seen it so there wont be any holes in the wall slightly on show through a poster, no i want this to be subtle and the quote speak for itself.
However at this stage i am still working on the design, for more information on the exhibition, follow our Twitter page: @quoteschester


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