Competition Brief: John Smith’s Bookshop

Earlier this year it came to my attention that the university bookshop was holding a design competition.
The brief seemed simple enough: Design a limited edition notebook cover for the 2013 JS Stationery range.
This seemed like a simple task if you look at the current covers with Banksy designs, it seemed like they were asking for much. However the concept of this brief was to reflect on what’s hot in 2013.
This made the brief much more wide open, making it difficult to design for since 2013 had not long begun.


Since the brief was wide open and there are no boundaries for students to be creative, i thought it would be best to do a bit of basic research around what trends emerged at the end of 2012. With my searches bringing up mainly fashion, i thought it would be better to go out and find something with my own eyes.

To my surprise, this method worked. Whilst out in the town centre minding my own business, the thought came into my head that nearly everybody including myself was listening to music rather than walking in silence. This made me look closer and it brought to my attention how on ear headphones had grown massively and more and more brands were being released.

The most popular I noticed was the use of ‘Dr Dre Beats’ which originated in 2011, but now seem to be everywhere and are advertised a lot more.

Dr Dre beats dre_beats




With all this in mind, I decided to make this my concept for the competition and begin sketching and writing down ideas.


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