Research Methods: Dandy goes digital

After Dandy-ing the app logos, i started working on a simple background where the logos would be in front of.
I thought it would be a good idea to make a collage of Dandy covers all scattered from different years.

When i told other people about this idea, they said it would be good to see something of the comics involved in the design. So with that in mind i started working on the background and it started to look really good. I was looking forward to start working on the animation since the background was finished and ready to go.

Dandy animation 2

After the success on the background design, i started thinking on how to make the animation, i thought it would be good to use a swipe technique to bring in each logo and have the animation looped again and again.

before starting my animation i started working on the tagline to use at the end of the animation. I wanted it to be in the same dandy theme and blend in well.

From researching the comics well, the main character that stood out for the brand is desperate dan, so i thought  of including the word ‘desperate’ in the tagline. It felt cheesy but it worked. After a bit of thought i had the chosen tagline i started working on: “are you desperate to download it?” since this worked on so many levels to approach people, i started making the design and working on the animation.


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