Promo Design: Pool Society

After working on a lot of briefs recently, i have found some spare time to finish working on my poster designs for next years pool society posters.

I decided to not add too much information and that the designs should speak for themselves and make them be aware of what the society is.




I decided to work on the last poster and make an illustration based on it. All the poster have turned out successful. I have shown these designs to the captain of the society for next year and he is very happy with the results and is planning on using them throughout the year to attract a lot more freshers.


Promo Design: Pool Society

With the success of the posters made for the SU, i thought it would be best to set up a social network connection with our society that would help with updating people on tournaments and friendly’s. This would be something so simple but solve so many communication problems since it was always just someone sending out group text messages.
Firstly i suggested making a twitter account for the society, to connect with our members and other societies around the university. By opening this account, this enabled possibilities of finding sponsors such as Riley’s, or Rosies.

facebook twitter

To continue the social network, a Facebook group was also suggested to allow updates on events, tournaments, and league information week by week.
Since people tend to spend more time on Facebook than any other site, this would be the best form of networking.

Since the university year is not long from ending. Students wont be joining a society so late therefore my next step is to start designing new posters and material for next years freshers fair.

Promo Design: Pool Society

After much tweaking and editing, we had a first poster which we agreed upon using to advertise the society in the students union.


This strategy proved successful and brought in more students after fresher’s fair that were interested in playing full time. This just proved that not everyone was aware of a pool society and that one little thing made them aware of it.

Students Union

Promo Design: Pool Society

To continue with my idea of promoting this society further, i have began working with the captain of the society Lewis Ronaldson in attempts to get started with gaining recognition.
The first suggestion was to make a poster for the society to be placed inside the students union by their pool tables.
For this, me and Lewis went down to Riley’s where we have our team matches and organised a photo shoot  in which we could capture some interesting footage to be used.

The next step was to add elements from the university such as logos and other companies that are part of this society e.g. Riley’s.


Promo Design: Pool Society

As part of the promotional module at university, i have decided to use part of this brief on promoting the Chester pool society in which i am a member of.

poolIn 2008 long before i had joined Chester University, there was no sign of a pool society to be seen of alongside the other societies.

When i joined the university in 2010 i was more than willing to join, especially since i found it to be a relaxing pass time and a good opportunity to meet fellow students over a few games and some drinks.

In my final year i have taken upon myself the duty as co-social sec to organise nights out for the people in the society especially since the societies previous year’s consisted of 0 socials.

Given that this is my final year at the university and the society, it is a shame to say that it hasn’t grown to the potential that it could’ve done. Year after year it manages to attract a decent number of students per fresher’s week, however not all stay for the long haul and drift away.

As part of the module, it is my aim to create an identity for the society so that when i leave this university, the society will continue with a strong amount of new members.

Total Recall at its best?

Is this not a better take on total recall? showing the trailer for the original film in a new way, bringing life to a classic film from the 90s!




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