Competition Brief: John Smith’s Bookshop Results!

After a few weeks of waiting, i had received an email this morning notifying me that i had been picked as runner up for the competition! although my friends who had seen the design previously and gave me a lot of support and said i had a strong chance, i didnt believe i did!

I was unhappy to see that i didnt win the full prize, however i was really happy to see that my design had been recognised and i had the runner up prize of £250 to show for it!















Quotes: a visual take on the words of others

After a few weeks of planning and organising the layout and structure of my poster design, my quote posters were signed and numbered ready for the exhibition night. I had 9 copies printed for a limited time only and no more would be printed or sold ever again. The overall process had been very successful and i was looking forward to seeing the turnout on the night and see everyone else’s work.



Research Methods: Poster Design

With the turnout on my batman design, i continued making this simple style with my other posters. the next designs i started working on each had a different style so it required a lot more work involved creating them from scratch and making them look simplistic.




Since my designs were going well and i was receiving good feedback from friends and students, i was confident to carry on with my work and begin the next 3 designs.

Promo Design: Pool Society

After working on a lot of briefs recently, i have found some spare time to finish working on my poster designs for next years pool society posters.

I decided to not add too much information and that the designs should speak for themselves and make them be aware of what the society is.




I decided to work on the last poster and make an illustration based on it. All the poster have turned out successful. I have shown these designs to the captain of the society for next year and he is very happy with the results and is planning on using them throughout the year to attract a lot more freshers.

Competition Brief: John Smith’s Bookshop

With the deadline approaching, i wanted to make sure that everything was perfect to the requirements they had asked for. I applied my design to a notebook template i found to see if it looked smart enough and it did. Once i had finished the rationale explaining my concept it was ready to send and all that was left was to do wait and hear back on how i did in the competition.

notebook copy

Competition Brief: John Smith’s Bookshop

As i mentioned in an earlier post, i was now ready to start applying the illustration i had made to my background. At first it took a bit of resizing and moving around before i was happy with the final position.










With the illustration in place, i played around with adding the same design on again but making it look like a shadow on the background. This outcome worked well and i decided to keep it in the design. Later i then noticed how plain the top looked and decided to add in some music notes to the background but make them faded with a low opacity so that were wouldn’t be too distracting with the main illustration.



Quotes: a visual take on the words of others

With the quote picked for my film The Shawshank Redemption. I started working on the design of my poster.

As i mentioned in an earlier post, i wanted to make the design look like a setting from the film. So with this in mind it was logical to make the setting a prison cell.

So with the development of this design i wanted to make a challenge for myself and test my skills as a designer.  I started by making this poster completely from scratch, i used numerous lighting effects to and gradients to make the scene look as realistic as possible. the most difficult task was creating light shining through bars and it did take some effort and editing around to make it look perfect.

A2 A2









The next part was to start working with adding in the quote. Like in the film i wanted to make the text carved into the wall. I wanted it to stand out and look realistic. After much tweaking and finding the right typeface, it was starting to look the part. Once the text was added, i thought that i needed something extra, some element that was also in the film. With that in mind i thought it would be best to add the crow ‘jake’ into the design since the crow plays a part of the film.












With the design finished, all that was left to do was to print the designs off, number and sign them ready for the exhibition.



Research Methods: Poster Design

After a few weeks of planning out my ideas for the posters, i had finally finished my first design. Since i wanted to make them as simple as possible it was a difficult challenge. However i think this design is working well and im looking forward to continuing with the other designs.


Competition Brief: John Smith’s Bookshop

After much sketching and planning out illustrations for the competition, i finally came up with a suitable illustration i wanted to use in my final design.








I didn’t want my illustration to be too overwhelming so i tried to keep it simple and only add in colours to certain areas and keep it neutral to students. So i only added colours to the hair, the headphones, and then clothing and kept the rest as a plain silhouette.

The next part of the development was to begin applying this to my background design and plan out placement and size.

Competition Brief: John Smith’s Bookshop

To start getting the ball rolling on the design for this competition, I first started designing a background pattern which the main design would sit in front of. Since i was basing my design around music, I didn’t want to make a pattern that was too distracting so i started playing around with shapes.

After much thought and testing, i finally came up with a pattern that i was comfortable with and would be subtle in the background.


To go along with my music concept, i had decided to also design the notebook with rough qualities especially since notebooks are used to scribble and doodle down notes and drawings, i thought why not show this on the cover? overtime a notebook will have scratches, bends and marks. Why not add some of these to the background as part of the design?


At this stage i had my background finished and ready, but i still needed to add my main concept and begin sketching out ideas on how to fill the remaining space.


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